Virtual Tours & 3D scans for Cultural & Historical sites

Explore an Air Raid Shelter in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, built circa 1938 / 39.

3D Scanning & Virtual Tours for historical record, and accessibility.

Photography is a powerful tool for marketing cultural sites, exhibitions and places of historical significance. It is used for attracting visitors, education and as a visual record. The Matterport system captures 3D data and photographs a space to create not only a point to point high resolution walk-through of a space, but also an measurement accurate 3D model of a space, captured in that point in time.

  • Build awareness and interest in a place of cultural or historical significance or for a temporary exhibition.

  • Visual record of spaces, temporary exhibitions, and events.

  • Accessibility to those less able.

Tours can be explored on desktops, smart devices, or for a truly immersive experience, within Virtual Reality Headsets.

Multiple deliverables.

The tours provide a number of features, built into the scanning service, including

  • 3D model of the space, providing overview

  • Interactive hotspots - hosting imagery, video, external links & more.

  • 2D or 3D floor plans

  • High res, print quality 2D snapshots, or 360 snapshots

  • Cloud hosting - spaces can easily be embedded online, or shared via private URL link.

  • Optional Google Street View upload. - Increase Google Business rankings & click through conversion rates.

  • VR headset compatibility, bring your audience to your space, using an immersive VR HMD.


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